This is a simple disclaimer to keep us legal.

First this web site is Not Run by the NWS, The US Government, Mammoth Mountain or the TOML.  This site is run by DiscoverMammoth.com.

Second Weather &  Snow Conditions change by the hour, so when you read our posts please consider when the post or report was made.  The longer time has passed, the more conditions and the forecast have changed.

Third what Snowman, The Weather Guy or any other member of our staff posts is purely based on how that person views snow and weather.  Everyone looks at things in there own view, so one persons epic might not be your epic day.

Fourth you can die skiing or snowboarding, many of our videos contain extreme footage by professional athletes that ski and ride full time.  We do not endorse these activities and encourage you not to try the tricks and extreme moves the professional make in our videos.  If you do, you do so of your own accord and understand you risk almost certain death!!!!

And last but not least thanks to the State of California you must be 18 or older to use this web site.  If your not 18 log off now or we will have to call your parents to shut you down.

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