Mammoth Mountain Videos

Welcome to our Mammoth Mountain Snowman Video section! We have updated this section so it will pull in all our video uploads to Facebook. The plugin we are using will pull in tow videos at first and then you hit the load more button for more.

Below that are 65 videos we have uploaded to you tube over time. These are some of the best snow stoke videos and reports with snow stoke in them I could find. I must have watched 150 videos and these are the best.

Enjoy the videos and the views and action they offer up on Mammoth Mountain. Snowman out.


Count Down to Winter Video Clip #2 - 86 days or less

Count Down to Winter Video Clip #2... Just #86 days or less to go now. Snowman is working on pre season training and rebuilding the web site. Also hired a new sales person to work on getting us more coupons and deals so we can all save money here in Mammoth Lakes. #mammothmountainsnowman #mammothstories #visitmammoth #sierrawave #discovermammoth #footloosesports #mammothwestin

Discover Mammoth Today 8-14-2017

Perfect day in Mammoth, feels a bit like Fall today. Summer will be back for the weekend so if you like it warm it will be back in the 80's. Today is the day we ramp up to year round daily consistent content. Expect more video clips and reports, along with a ton more images every week and of course more posts. I expect many of you will be jonesing so hard you will end up spending more time playing in Mammoth. 🙂 The cover image in the video below was from Sunday... See ya out there, let's have some FUN! #mammothmountainsnowman #discovermammoth #visitmammoth #mammothstories

Dreaming of Winter Clip #1

Dreaming of Winter Clip #1 - Count Down to Winter Sports on Mammoth Mountain, 91 days or less to go as of today! #mammothmountainsnowman #discovermammoth #visitmammoth

Mammoth Snowman Report 8-1-2017

Happy Summer Ski and Board! Chairs 3 and 23 along with G2 are open. You access the snow via G1 and when your done you download via G1. The snow surface is a awsome Summer corn snow. Best turns are from 8 AM to 10AM. Happy August Skiing everyone, this is only the second time this has happened. Video Sponsored by The Whitebark inside the Westin. Save 20% off food and drinks with the MammothSnowman Whitebark Coupon. Get it here: #mammothsnowman #mammothstories #visitmammoth #mammothmountain #monocounty #mammothforever

Skiing Scotties on July 31st, 2017

Today's video action from Mammoth Mountain.... Skiing Scotties on July 31st... Ryan Hurley has got the passion! Video from Austin Long

Skiing Cornice Bowl 7-30-2017

Let's take a ski down Cornice in the middle of Summer.

Panorama Dome Trail - July 2017

Take a hike to the top of the Panorama Dome Trail in the Mammoth Lakes Basin. This is a fun short but moderately steep hike. This view are 360 degrees and cover the Mammoth Lakes Basin, Mammoth Mountain, The Town of Mammoth Lakes and the White Mountain.

Mammoth Today 7-20-17 Snow Fun

Bump Skiing in West Bowl

Nothing like skiing bumps during a summer heat wave. Love it!

Mammoth Snowman Video Snow Report 7-7-17

We are still skiing and boarding on a 10 - 98+ inch base. It's getting thin down at Main, but the excellent grooming crew is pushing snow around to make it last longer. The snow is now full on summer corn and most of it is soft by 8AM. Runs down low start to get a bit sticky around 10:30 AM, while the upper mountain and mid mountain stay good until almost noon. Lifts open are Chairs 1 and 3 along with G1 and G2 to the top. Lifts hours for Summer Snow Sports are from 730AM to 12PM. Runs open are Broadway, Rusty's, Fascination, Andy's Double Gold, Forest Trail, Face of 3, West Bowl, Saddle Bowl, St Anton's, Cornice Bowl, Climax, Sign Line and a Short section of upper Dry Creek. Beware there are some bare spots and some rocks out there. Access to West Bowl will be walk in only in a few days, get those bumps while you can. The Mountain Bike Park is open with 17 miles of terrain ready to go. No lifts access just the bike park shuttle or peddle away.

Summer Snow Report 6-25-2017

6-25-2017 - 3 PM - Summer skiing and snowboarding are going off up on Mammoth Mountain. Hit the snow in the morning and then bike, hike or fish in the afternoons. There is still a base of 30 inches down at the bottom of chair 2 with 160+ inches in areas above Mc Coy Station. Summer corn snow...

Mammoth Snow Report Update 6-22-2017

Still some fun skiing and snowboarding out on the hill. Come on up for some turns and a taste of winter in summer. Of course there is a ton to do up here besides winter sports.

June Snow 6-11-2017

June Snow in Mammoth Lakes. Happy Snow Year

Mammoth Mountain Video Snow Report 5 24 2017

Here is a Video Snow Report tour I took around the Main Lodge on Tuesday. So much snow on the hill it's amazing. I hope to see some of you out there this weekend. I have 2000 stickers to pass out!

Video Snow Report 5-10-2017

Spring Skiing and Snowboarding on Mammoth Mountain... so much fun!

Video Snow and Weather Report 4-13-2017

As of 3:30 PM it's still dumping, I cut this video at noon so double the snow being reported. Friday should start out with winter conditions and turn to spring on at least half the hill by the afternoon hours. More snow coming in Sunday night. Ski ya later....Snowman out

Video Snow Report 4-10-2017

Some great winter snow out on the hill today. Get out early on Tuesday for some fun groomed out packed powder.

Video Snow Report 4-7-2017

Dumping in Mammoth .... Winters back with more to come tonight and next week!

Video Snow Report Update 4-4-2017

Spring Skiing and Snowboarding out on Mammoth Mountain today. Things warm up on Wednesday, so more of the hill will soften. Get ready for some big April snow on Friday into Saturday. Looking like 3-5+ feet on the way. See ya out there.... #mammothsnowman #mammothstories #mammothmountain

Kiwi Flats with Ryan Hurley

Kiwi Flats with Ryan Hurley #mammothstories #mammothsnowman

Video Powder Report 3-5-2017

12+ inches of light and dry powder today on Mammoth Mountain. We also had a ton of wind, so todays footage is from Chairs 4, 8 and 15. (everything else was closed) Low angle blower powder was fun stuff, anything steep and you hit the hard stuff below for the most part. Monday should be a fun powder day with everything opening up by noon.

Video Snow Report and Powder Footage 2-10-2017

A good 18-24+ inches of snow out on the hill today and it is still snowing at this time. The powder was just a bit heavy and that allowed the new snow to mold into the base perfectly. Only a couple icy spots out there on upper Lincoln. Look for some snow showers possible now on Saturday and then clear by Sunday! If your up for the weekend, my advice is get out early and be ready for a big weekend crowd. Have fun out there!

Snow and Weather Update for 1-7-2017

It's dumping in Mammoth once again, the year of endless snowfall it seems. 12-18+ inches of new over night and we have heavy snow now falling. Look for multiple feet of additional snowfall from Main Lodge up over the next 24 hours. Snow levels at this time are around the Village and will be between 8000-9000 feet over the next 24 hours. More base snow for Mammoth Mountain, I wonder of we can make it thru July this year skiing out of Mc Coy Station? If your coming for the weekend things should clear out, be ready for a full town as we have the best snow in years up here. Snowman out...

Video Snow & Weather Update 1-20-2017

There is still some fun packed powder but it's starting to firm up a bit out on the hill. Could be some fun wind buff on Wednesday with snow falling on Thursday.

Video Snow Report Tour 1-26-2017

Took a video snow report tour of the hill this morning... enjoy! Snowman out.

Video Snow Report 1-22-2017

………….1.22.2017……10 AM …Main Lodge Closed...395 CLOSED - R3 in town Shelter in Place - Winter Storm Warning and Blizzard Warning... Heavy Snow falling…… Snowman out…

Video Snow Report 1-19-2017

1-19-2017 –1PM - Good afternoon from Mammoth Mountain, we got a bit of a bonus with 15-30 inches of new snow out on the hill this morning. Today’s powder was not blower like Snowman thought this am, but more of the good old Mammoth powder that is a bit thicker. Get my full report and WG's snowfall outlook for this storm cycle at #mammothsnowman #mammothstories #visitmammoth #mammothmountain #videosnowreport

Video Snow Report 1-16-2017

Happy Martin Luther King day to you all! Mammoth is under clear blue skies for at least one more day. The crowds have left and the skiing and snow boarding are a ton of fun. More snow on the way Thursday into next Monday. At this time the outlook is calling for 4-6 feet of additional snow over the 5 day period as 3 storm systems move thru the area. Snowman is healed up and back on the hill Sunday - Friday... look for the red hat and give me a shout out, I got Free Stickers and would love to me you. Snowman Out. #mammothstories #mammothmountain #visitmammoth #sierrawave #mammothsnowman

Video Snow Report & Weather Update 1-14-2017

Mammoth Mountain is sitting under clear blue skies today. We have a base of 125-250 inches from Little Eagle to the top. 100% of the mountain is now open under the deepest base in years. Expect clear skies into Wednesday before the next storm moves in with 3-4 feet of new snow. Late next week a colder storms hits for next weekend. Snowman out.... #mammothstories #mammothsnowman #visitmammoth #mammothmountain

Riders of the Storm 1-12-2017

Got to love it when you start skiing and there is a foot of snow and it's snowing 3 inches an hour. That pow was perfect and it was deep, when I left that was 26 inches of fresh on the ground. PS 3 and 5 never opened and it's is still snowing with ZERO winds. See ya in the moring for more pow pow....

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Below we have loaded up the best of the Snowman Video we could locate. Enjoy and we will see you on the slopes.