This coupon has run non stop for over 7 years!

Is your current advertising for your Mammoth Lakes business currently reaching people at their home’s or on their mobile phone while they are checking current conditions and or planning their next trip to Mammoth Lakes?

At this point in time you have just a few options to reach these people and two of those options get ignored by most web browsers.

The option that works best for businesses in Town in running a coupon or branding ad banner to our community of internet users who check out our content and information at, and on our Facebook pages.

If you’re one of our coupon advertisers you will get the benefit of more traffic coming into your place of business.

This works, just ask Tony over at Footloose Sports who runs coupons and discounts year round with us. He first heard about our personal referral marketing program 8 years ago.

Personal Referral Marketing as laid out in the video above tied in with our coupon program will drive lot’s of new customers into your business.

What would it mean to you to get an additional get 50-100+ new customers a month?

Our Stats and Reach:

We have a monthly year round reach of over 250,000 home’s in the Southern California area. Total IP Address’s that read  our content is now over 700,000 a year.

Our Facebook Page for Mammoth Snowman reached a new mile stone in 2017 with a reach of over 3.2 Million people with 40,000 fans and an additional 41,000 followers.

Some of our video footage played nationwide this year on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and on Super Station KTLA. All our footage played with the goal of driving more people to the web site and our Facebook pages with the end game being more people coming to visit our town.

Those new people coming to town will be checking out your business with the coupon they find in our system.

If your advertising with us your Brand is going to be seen by a lot more people then running local ads. We also have travelers from over 45 countries checking out our information and your coupon.

There is no better place to spend ad dollars then with us. You get a great return on your investment by reaching people planning out their trips from home or their work places. 

We know our program works since Footloose Sports, The Ski Renter, The Westin and others have used our coupon and branding ads for years.

So here are the deals I have for you year round at &

Main Coupon Advertising Package

#1 Create New Branding or Coupon Banner
#2 Banner in Side Bar Rotations at MammothSnowman & DiscoverMammoth
#3 Coupon & Branding Blocks at MammothSnowman & DiscoverMammoth
#4 Coupon & Branding Pages at MammothSnowman & DiscoverMammoth
#5 Facebook Monthly Post of your coupon to our 30,000 fans and group members
#6 Your own Business Page at MS or

Video Sponsor

This season we will have a renewed effort on Video Production. We have invested $5000 in new gear and editing systems for this venture. Snowman has also hired a video guy one day a week to help get even more footage.

The plan is to have at least one formal weekly video snow report with snow stoke action in it. We also plan to offer up a full snow stoke video with killer music twice a month.

We are looking for two sponsors to help make this happen. Sponsor will get their business mentioned in the Video Snow Report with a plug for their coupon or branding offer. They also get their logo at the end of the video.

Along with that these videos get posted on our website, You Tube, Facebook and Vimeo. Post’s on Facebook last season resulted in 25,000 – 50,000 views on each video. One of our videos went viral and hit the 2 million view mark.

Your business will be mentioned in the descriptions with links to your coupon offer or your website whatever works best for you.

All the videos we make will be hosted on You Tube, Facebook and Vimeo for the next 20+ years so your sponsoring of the video will bring in leads for a long time.

The other benefit of sponsoring these videos is they help the community bring in new and repeat visitors.

Top Banner Spot Sponsor + Main Ad Package Deal

At the top of each home page we have a coupon spot that we are offering up this year on an exclusive basic.  This ad spot gets the most eye balls on it of any ad on our web site. This deal also includes our Main Ad package. Right now the spot is open to the first business to grab it on a month to month basis.

Call Noah Ambard on his cell today for more information at 808-220-5808.