Mammoth Snowman Update 10-27-2016

Mammoth Mountain Radar10-27-2016 – 8:50 AM – Today’s window-cast shows clouds from our first storm system rolling in over Mammoth Mountain.

Currently I have a 48 here at 8200 feet with winds at times to 10-15 MPH. Up at Main Lodge we have a 39 with a 31 up at the top of Mammoth Mountain. Winds are gusting to 55-65 MPH over the top out of the south west.

Out on the hill the snow we got last week has been rained on and it has melted a bit. It’s mostly dirt at Main now. From Mc Coy Station up the ground for the most part is white and frozen. Cornice looks skiable at this point.

So the weather is going to get exciting and wet over the next 6-10 hours here in Mammoth.

The first system will be a bit warm as it draws up hurricane moisture from well south of Mammoth. Snow levels look to be above 10,000- 11,000 feet today and then will drop tonight to around 9000-10,000. During heavier down pours the snow levels could briefly drag down to 8500 feet or lower.

By Friday morning we could see snow levels below Main Lodge with 2-4 inches of new heavy wet snow falling on Friday morning. Up top the first system is so warm it will limit how much snow we get. Looks like a good foot with 2-3 inches of water in it. Perfect base snow for the upper mountain.

The second system moves in late Saturday night / early Sunday morning and will offer up snow levels to start around 8000 feet, as we move thru the day Sunday snow levels look to drop to 6500-7500 feet.

QPF for the second system look to be about 1-2 inches of water so up top we could see 12-18 inches of new snow with around a foot at Main Lodge. Models are trending more south with this system so maybe we get some bonus snow.

Beyond the second system next week looks unsettled with at least one more front coming in over Mammoth Mountain.

On the Long range outlook this morning I see chance’s for snow around November 9th and on November 12th. So we are in an unsettled pattern however is does not look like any large dumps for Main just enough to help have a great opener.

If these first two storms come thru Snowman would expect top to Main Lodge skiing and snowboarding for the big 4 day opening weekend coming up. Below are all the chance of snow we see today on the GFS model.

Pray for snow everyone I look forward to seeing many of you again in 14 days. So excited for the new season and what have to offer you all this year. Snowman out…


 Live View from Snowman’s Desk

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The Face of Chair 3
Top of Chair 5 & Dave's Run
The Stump Alley Express Lift - Chair 2

DUMP ALERT!! New this season Snowman will be emailing and texting a dump alert once it starts to snow, along with our dump alert we also have a once a month newsletter that comes out the first week of each new month. Here is the link to sign up…

Snow making: The snowmaking crew is on board and getting things set up. Right now the first window we see to make snow will be this upcoming Monday night and again next Wednesday/ Thursday.

Opening Day of Snow Season: Update 10-25 For this years opener it appears we might have top to bottom skiing and snowboarding.  Up top there is already over a foot of base. Add in the next two fronts and Cornice should be ready to ski and ride.

Opening day is now set for November 10th, 2016, if we get some bonus snow early next week they will move the opener up like they did last season. Winter 2016-2017 Updates: Going to be a fun season for producing content for all of you. This year we have a new apple mac pro to edit with along with 2 new go pro 5’s for 4k video production. We also have two new Cannon Power Shots Camera’s to help with the content production.

Along with that we have Shannon who will be getting lot’s on hill photos and Sean will be joining the team to take care of Snap Chat, Instagram and help us film the new version of our video snow report, ya this season Snowman will also be in the videos skiing. All we need now is SNOW!


Who is Steve Taylor – The Mammoth Snowman? Over the last 30+ years, Snowman have spent countless hours studying and learning about mammoth mountain weather and snow conditions first hand.

Snowman started blogging this information back in 1990 on the old Mammoth BBS system, then the RSN Forums and then on to in 2004 with his Video & Photo Blog reports. (No You Tube back then)

Snowman has had his reports, videos and photos featured on both local TV Stations here in Mammoth, along with AP, Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC News. Learn more about the Snowman and our team here at at this link.


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