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9-20-17 – Good afternoon from Mammoth, we are still on track for our first dusting of snow for the new season. 

At this time we are still expecting 3-6+ inches of snow out on the hill with 1-2 inches possible around the Village and upper reaches of town. Should be a dusting at some point all the way down into the main part of town.

Snow levels look to start out around 9500 feet tonight and then drop to around 7500 feet on Thursday. We could see a few snow showers continue into early Saturday.

Up on Mammoth Mountain highs are in the 50s today with lows in the 30s. Highs and Lows will come down 10-15 degrees by Thursday.

Expect a hard frost on Saturday morning, if your camping lows will be in the upper 20’s. Next week we warm up again for some fine Indian Summer weather.

Fall Colors: If your looking to find some colorful leave areas you can head over to the upper reaches of Rock Creek Canyon Rd & up Bishop Creek Road to South Lake.

Not much color in Mammoth Lakes yet, but the leave’s are showing signs of the change. With the cooler temperatures you can bet the whole region will start the change quickly next week.

Pray for Snow… Snowman out

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9-18-2017 A dusting to a few inches of snow is in the forecast for late this week. 

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Web Site News 9-15-17: 95% of the update is done.

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Happy Fall – Pray for Snow – Snowman Out

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