Mammoth Mountain Snowman Report

Tims-Snow-Removal-1 29-27-2016 – Good morning from Mammoth Lakes we have clear skies today.

As of 6:50 AM we have a 41 at the 8200 foot level, up at Main Lodge it’s 41 and we have a 45 up top with a NE wind to 18 MPH.

Highs today will be in the low 70’s in town with 60’s up on Mammoth Mountain and into the Lakes basin.

Night time lows will be in the 40’s with NE winds today 10-25 MPH over higher elevations.

As we move into the weekend expect highs to plummet into the 50’s in town with 40’s in the Lakes Basin and up on Mammoth Mountain. Night time lows will be into the 20’s. Winds will be strong out of the SW to 60 MPH by Saturday. At this time it does not look like we will get any rain or snow over the weekend.

Looking at the first two weeks of October things are going to be cooler then normal. Later in the month is does look good for some snow fall to start building a bit of base to help the snow making crew.

If your into Falls colors should peak over the next two weeks, at this time the best color show is up in Rock Creek Canyon.

Winter Outlook: Lot’s of preseason winter forecast’s are all over the internet at this time. It’s really a bit early to be jumping on any outlook and consider it reliable.

Taking to Weather Guy he is a bit optimist about snow fall this season. Yes the warm blob is back but it is 15 degrees west of it’s position two winters ago. We will post our official winter outlook in late October this year.

Snow making: Each year the snow making crew comes on board around the 20th of October to start getting ready for the opening day blow. Crews need temperatures in the mid to upper 20’s for snow making to be effective. Snowman will be watching and reporting when snow making is on or off in just a few short weeks. You can learn more about mammoth mountain snow making here.

Opening Day of Snow Season: We are only 44 days way from Mammoth Mountains scheduled opener. Over the last 20 years they have never missed getting at least one run open for a pre scheduled opening day.

Make your plans now to ski the “WORD” on November 10th, 2016. Maybe we will get lucky and get the remnants of a hurricane in late October or early November like we did last season and have a bunch of runs open.

DUMP ALERT!! – New this season Snowman will be emailing and texting a dump alert once it starts to snow, along with our dump alert we also have a once a month newsletter that comes out the first week of each new month. Here is the link to sign up…

So while we wait for winter to start come on up for some great late Summer and Early Fall fun. All summer sports and activities are still going on full right into the middle of September.


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